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    BOXUHD was established in wake of a simple requirement and that is to enhance the level of excellence in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform from which they can keep up with their favorite TV series and movies anywhere, with a use of any gadgets (Phones, Android devices, and smart TVs), not only limited to a standard television. The solutions that we provide our clients like you is a TV viewing experience that is of superior quality. 

    BOXUHD also creates opportunities that are not possible with conventional TV system being used. Giving you an excellent product is just half of the solution, we will also back your purchase with an amazing client support experience that even our closest competitors can’t match up. We have invested huge amounts of both money and time into the creation of a support network dedicated to giving you a helping hand no matter what time of day it is – 365 days a year. Our help desk will ensure that not one person is left behind. Our strong support team and technical expertise have allowed us to be one of the most popular IPTV streams available worldwide through any Smart TV, Infomir (MAG), Kodi and Android devices. 


    Our company provides IPTV subscription services straight to your set-top box device through the internet. This includes Smart TV, Infomir (MAG), Kodi and Android devices. We give customers direct exclusive access to 3300+ standard, HD and FHD channels ranging from sports, movies and popular TV shows. Stream your favorite channels straight from your home.